Impact’s Edge brings expertise working in multiple sectors in more than 20 emerging markets, as well as with lower income and vulnerable communities in the US. Our approach is grounded in the needs of target users and a strong appreciation of local social and cultural contexts. We are excited by the positive potential of technology to transform people’s lives, while also ever cognizant of the need to think about and mitigate its potentially dramatic unintended consequences.

Together, let us help you push the limits of impact. We provide the following services. Download here for on-the-go reading.

STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT  Strategies aren’t meant to collect dust on a shelf. We can help you create action-oriented strategies that align your social impact objectives with realities on the ground.

MARKET OPPORTUNITY AND NEEDS ASSESSMENTS   Before entering into new markets or working with new market segments, it’s critical to understand existing gaps and opportunities. We can help you reduce the risk of your investments by providing you with critical insights into new markets and customer segments/beneficiary groups.

USER DESIGN  Misunderstanding the 7 As (availability, access, affordability, ability, attitudes, aspirations, and anticipated risks) of your target user is one of the biggest reasons why technologies fail to deliver. We can help you avoid this mistake through our approach to appropriate user design.

 PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION   The best ideas and products are worthless without proper planning and execution. We can help you create practical, easy to implement plans—as well as supporting you with implementation—to maximize your likelihood of success and minimize potentially costly mistakes.

CAPACITY BUILDING AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE   Uptake of technologies often require a fair amount of behavior change and learning on the part of the user and your field force. We can help you create easy-to-understand and effective materials as well as design and implement interactive workshops and trainings to reduce the barriers to adoption and uptake.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT   Finding investment to test new ideas or products in the social impact space is a perennial challenge. We can help you improve your chances of unlocking funding from donors and investors by framing your work in ways that resonate with them.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS   Finding good partners in a country that’s new to you can be time consuming, and making the wrong choice can cause significant setbacks. We can help save you the time and hassle by connecting you with the right partners in new markets through our extensive network of social impact-minded organizations throughout significant parts of Asia, Africa, and elsewhere.

CONTENT CREATION   If you’re not talking about the positive impact you’re having, it hasn’t happened—at least in the minds of others. We can help you effectively communicate your work so that the world—as well as potential funders and partners—know exactly how good your work actually is.

EVENT DESIGN AND FACILITATION   Looking to create your mark as a leader in a particular intersection of technology and social impact? We can help you design and facilitate interactive events that let people know that you are driving the conversation on the topics you care about.

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