Towards a More Inclusive Digital--and Analog--World Video Series

Episode 1: Alternative Currencies with Nathaniel Calhoun

Episode 2: Digital Privacy with Lukas Borkowski

Episode 3: Ethical Design with Lindsey Cochran

Episode 4: Resilience with Maria Mateo Iborra

Episode 5: Digital Democracy with Geline Fuko

Episode 6: Local Community with Ken Banks

Episode 7: Data Ownership with Valentina Pavel

Episode 8: Responsible AI with Maria Axente

Episode 9: Small Businesses with Oliver Gilbert

Opportunities & Imperatives Arising from COVID-19: Guidance on More Inclusive Digital Adoption – co-authored with Holly Lard Krueger of The Canopy Lab

This briefer offers guidance for private sector and market systems development practitioners as they adjust to the new post-COVID reality that has brought about a rush to digital in many sectors. The opportunities are great, as are the risks of further driving inequality if the deployment of such technologies are not done in a way that considers the realities of those who are less connected.